Free Texas Hold’em

The advent of hit television poker shows has caused a general furor among the “kitchen table” poker players. There’s little doubt that Texas Hold’em is now the most popular form of casino poker. Because of this, several people are resorting to the Internet to get free Texas Hold’em products – from online gamerooms, to strategies and secrets, and even to software and game accessories.

Below is a list of some of the free Texas Hold’em products available in the Internet.

Free Texas Hold’em Resource Pages

There are numerous free Texas Hold’em resource pages out there that offer background and basic information on how the game is played. One fine example of a free Texas Hold’em resource site is the This free Texas Hold’em site provides several poker strategies to help you get your game into shape.

Other free Texas Hold’em pages offer a beginner’s guide in playing poker and some tips on calculating your hand odds. Information on the basic betting structures is also available in some of these free Texas Hold’em pages. If you want to read articles on bluffing and cheating, then these free Texas Hold’em resource pages may also be a place to start.

In other words, free Texas Hold’em resource pages let you in on the game of poker.

Free Texas Hold’em Tutorials

Aside from offering information, some website offers free Texas Hold’em tutorials for those who are still learning to play the game. These free Texas Hold’em tutorials are usually done in flash and provide interactive learning. is one example of a website that offers free Texas Hold’em tutorials. Aside from that, 4TexasHoldem also offers other free Texas Hold’em features like tournaments, forums, and strategy guides.

Free Texas Hold’em Games

There are two kinds of free Texas Hold’em games available over the Internet. There are free Texas Hold’em games that can be played without downloading any program. The websites that offer Texas Hold’em games require the users to register for an account instead of downloading a program. The free Texas Hold’em account will allow the users to enter virtual gamerooms and start playing free Texas Hold’em online.

The second type of free Texas Hold’em game is the one that requires the user to download and install a software program. After downloading the program, the player can start playing free Texas Hold’em with other players who have also downloaded the freeware.

Free Texas Hold’em games may be for real stakes or completely for free (using paper money). If you’re playing for real stakes, the websites require a certain amount of deposit. When you play the free Texas Hold’em games through this site, you will use the money you have deposited as bets for the pot.