Celebrity Poker Event

When we speak of celebrity poker, we are actually dealing to a big event in the history of poker that really pulled the interest of the people. This is for the reason, that being a big event in the history of poker, the celebrity poker event is really composed of celebrities playing poker. Can you imagine such thing?

Well, it seems amazing that nonprofessional poker players are engaged in playing poker against many other celebrities who might have experienced playing poker and who haven’t experienced playing poker before, but then the celebrity poker event is real and continues to be one of the biggest hit in the world of poker industry.

So for those who are not yet familiar with the nature of the celebrity poker event which is termed “Celebrity Poker Showdown”, here are some facts about it. First, it is very interesting to known that the celebrity poker event is particularly developed to create an ultimate source of fun, entertainment, and exciting experience for playing poker. In line with that, it is very necessary to note that in the celebrity poker, the poker game that is played is the Texas Holdem Poker.

Accordingly, the Texas Holdem Poker having achieved an immense popularity becomes the best poker game that it is featured in every celebrity poker event. It is also noted that in the celebrity poker event, twenty five Hollywood celebrities will stack their poker chips against each other playing for the Quarter Million Dollar Charity prize pool. In the celebrity poker event, all of the celebrity poker players are guaranteed at least $5,000 in prize money.

And just for making such amount in the celebrity poker to the finals, the fifth placer will win $7,500, the fourth place will get $10,000, the third place will win $12, 555 and the second place will take away with $20,000 for their selected charity. Given such fact, it is just so important to know that in the celebrity poker event, the champion will walk away with $100,000 for the charity of their choice.

For further interest on the celebrity poker event, it is also considered that the celebrity poker event known as the “Celebrity Poker Showdown” was recently aired October 16-19th before a live audience at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, and each episode of the celebrity poker event features five celebrities competing against each other for a piece of the $250,000 prize pool in a game of No Limit Texas Holdem Poker for their selected charity. And each week, a new set of celebrities will take to the poker table to challenge their opponents. It is noted that in the celebrity poker event, the winner from every week’s episode advances to the celebrity poker championship on the final sixth episode.

And lastly, the viewers in the celebrity poker event are given the opportunity to see the hands that the different celebrity poker players are holding through hidden cameras. In addition, they are also given the chance to hear from the eliminated celebrity poker players, who will watch the remainder of their own matches from the loser’s lounge through a closed circuit television. With that feature of the celebrity poker event, many of the people were entertained and even the celebrities were delighted to find a friendly and fun atmosphere.

So if you want to take a look at the celebrity poker event, don’t forget to mark your calendar for every episode shown every Thursday nights on the Bravo Television Network. So check your local listings for the time of the Celebrity Poker Showdown.